Text Expander

Text Expander is a browser based, text expander and template tool with markdown, conditionals, and loops. It's perfect for creating form emails, "mail merging" data into text, and pro formas. A key design feature is that it's very difficult to make mistakes like forgetting to set values.

There's nothing to install, it's running right here in your browser. Edit / paste a template below, render it, and copy the output to wherever you like.

For a full reference you should take a look at the language reference.


--- # the dashes --- above and below contain this is the "front matter" # this is where you set variables to be used in the body of your template # like this: fruit: orange list: [ apple orange ] lookup: { apples: 3 oranges: 5 } --- ## example Everything is rendered in markdown, which means you can use special characters to change the formatting of your template. Substitute variables in your template (interpolation) like this: Who ate my ${fruit}? You can use `if` statements like this: ::if (fruit == 'orange') { Oranges are loaded with vitamin C. ::} else if (fruit == 'apple') { Apples are a delicious snack. ::} else { Fruit is so good for you. ::} Or `for` statements like this: ::for (item in list) { * ${item} ::} You can construct tables like this: | # | item | | -------- | --------- | ::for (item, number in lookup) { | ${item} | ${number} | ::} Check out the [readme](/reference) for full details.


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Text Expander in it's current form is completely free for all uses. In the future I may introduce some paid premium features like saving and sharing templates, but I expect that the current functionality would remain free.